GM DIMENSIONE was born in 1995 from the passion and experience in the world of installations of the founder Giuseppe Di Giorgio who decides to start a reality characterized by innovative and creative design solutions, with continuous research of high quality materials and standards.

For over 25 years of activity GM DIMENSIONE offers a turnkey set-up service, keeping up with progress and innovation, ensuring competence and professionalism.

National and international trade fairs represent an opportunity for companies to promote their brand and GM DIMENSIONE is the ideal partner in this fascinating and fundamental world for growth.

The combination of all our professionalism and the strength of experience in the world of exhibition design are the strength of our reality.

Our team of professionals, competent men and women, capable of taking on innovative and exciting challenges.


Mara De Cecco


A wealth of experience in the world of exhibition design and administrative management allows us to meet your needs and answer your questions.

Preliminary, executive design and coordination are followed at 360 degrees.